DevOps Conference

Presentations 2024

Αgile Strategies in the GenAI Era

DevOps, AI, and People – The Missing Element

Mike Orzen, “Τhe Father Of Lean IT”, Founder & President, Mike Orzen & Associates
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Why AI has an Agile mindset and how that mindset helps boost your engineering career

Goga Lampropoulou, Senior Director, QA Engineering, Persado
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DOLLmC: DevOps for Large Language Model Customization

Prof. Panos Fitsilis, Professor,University of Thessaly
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Strategies are always Agile in the GenAI Era

Sakis Ladopoulos, Agile Coach, Sitecore
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Chaos Engineering

Dionysis Tsoumas, Head of DevOps at GWI
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Bridging DevOps and GenAI: The Future of Agile Innovation

Stella Varvarigou, Senior Cyber Security Consultant at NTT DATA
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Novibet DevOps: Shaping Excellence Every Step of the Way

Kevin Vella, Team Lead – DevOps, Novibet
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How Ted Lasso helps the DevOps Change at Lockheed Martin

Dr. Anthony Earl, Agile Coach, Lockheed Martin
Jordan Stoner, Agile Coach, Lockheed Martin

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